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From historic to modern, traditional to innovative, RI architects define space and tackle living and impact. With an inventory of historic buildings, a landscape of green space and ocean views, a capital city that's exposed new land to build on, and a foundation in walkable cities and environments - our architects fill the built environment with site specific work that integrates, permeates and revolutionizes.

DBVW Architects

Building strong, livable communities that promote economic growth and preserve cultural and natural resources, DBVW ARCHITECTS approach to design integrates technical knowledge, tactile experience, innovative ideas and clarity of concept.

Truth Box Architects

TRUTH BOX ARCHITECTS is a small architecture firm that particularly enjoys the challenges of innovative urban infill and re-purposing old buildings. 

Union Studio Architecture & Community Design

UNION STUDIO designs communities. Their portfolio is firmly grounded in the language of traditional architecture and in the spirit and patterns of a particular place.