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DaW: Tracy Glover Studio & Studio Rainwater

October 31, 2018 /// Featuring: Tracy Glover Studio & Studio Rainwater

October 31, 2018 /// Featuring: Tracy Glover Studio & Studio Rainwater


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Tracy Glover Studio uses traditional Italian techniques to craft colorful, exuberant glass decor and lighting. Each piece - whether in the Tracy Glover line or custom - is handblown to order in Tracy’s studio.

Tracy Glover Studio is, of course, led by Tracy Glover herself. Originally from Virginia, Tracy first moved to Rhode Island to get her BFA in glassmaking from RISD. Post-RISD, Tracy continued her glasswork education in a 13th century Belgian convent’s crystal factory and Dale Chihuly’s Pilchuck School.

I came back to Rhode Island for the amazing community of friends here. The design community is so collaborative. Rhode Island interior designer Kelly Taylor helped me come up with an idea for a popular chandelier. Rhode Island Photographer Ira Garber taught be how to photograph specific to my work. Working with fellow RI designers is valuable and inspiring.”

Tracy returned to Rhode Island for the community and friends, starting her own glass-making studio in Pawtucket. Tracy Glover Studio now consists of 6 staff members, 3 half-time and 3 full-time. They design, produce, sell, and ship - all in the one studio!

Day-to-day, Tracy takes mornings for administration and afternoons for drawing and designing. A lot of her work is custom - a client gives her parameters for a custom piece, then Tracy makes drawings, then she meets with the client to flush it out. “With custom work, someone approaches me for a needed solution. This is more fun for me than sticking to the same pieces all the time,” Tracy said.

See more of Tracy’s work on her website - Tracy Glover Studio - and on Instagram. Watch behind-the-scenes videos of Tracy’s studio and her team making a pendant in the glass-blowing studio on our Instagram - tap “At Work #4” on our main Instagram page!

Images from Tracy Glover Studio: Raindrop Chandelier (Condo Lobby in Washington, DC) / Silver Lining (Gilbane Construction Company HQ, Boston) / Metropolis Bar Chandelier / Jewel Wall (Naya Restaurant, Dubai).



Studio Rainwater is an award-winning branding and creative strategy studio that helps businesses and organizations find creative ways to show the world why their work matters. From creating brands and developing print + online materials to creating meaningful interactive experiences, Studio Rainwater is committed to doing work that has a positive impact on people, whether online or in person.

They’ve worked with schools and governments (including RISD, Harvard, and Downtown Providence) to develop materials that inspire people and draw in new audiences, created inventive experiences for local businesses and restaurants, and they also do a lot of self-generated work and experience design - including their interactive “Do Great Things” installation that you might have seen at PVD Fest or the AIGA Block Party this year! See photos of that installation below.

Sarah Rainwater founded Studio Rainwater about 10 years ago. Sarah is a creative person interested in so many different areas and causes, so she founded Studio Rainwater as a way of merging her many interests:

“I was always interested in doing art - I was interested in photography and writing and illustration, and I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do. I realized that doing design was perfect for me because I could pull all those things together and collaborate with people in all different fields and still be really creative but not necessarily be specialized in just one thing.

RHODE ISLAND was the perfect place for Sarah to grow Studio Rainwater:

“I went to school in New York and lived there for 10 years, then I lived in LA for five years, and then I moved back here. Rhode Island gives us the space to do what we’re really passionate about - whether that’s picking clients that we work with or being able to do projects that are self-generated and be really creative or just being able to leave at 5:30 and be with our families. I wanted to create a culture that reflects our values. I don’t think we’re sacrificing anything culturally here - the design community is really vibrant in Rhode Island and it’s really easy to get anywhere from here. We have clients everywhere, but we benefit from the space that we have here in Rhode Island.

ABOVE: Studio Rainwater’s “Do Great Things” installation at PVD Fest this year. Studio Rainwater put this installation up again during DESIGN WEEK RI 2018 at teh AIGA Block Party. They’d love to install it again! They love working with companies or organizations to design experiences like this that are simple and fun and connect people with each other and have a positive takeaway.

BELOW: More work by Studio Rainwater: branding materials for LOCAL KITCHEN AND WINE BAR and QUINNIE&B SHOP (both in Santa Monica, CA).

Learn more about Studio Rainwater online: And don’t forget to *stay tuned for videos coming to our Instagram Stories TOMORROW (11/1)!*

Thank you to the teams at Tracy Glover Studio and Studio Rainwater for showing us your work and studios! See videos from Tracy Glover on Instagram (click “At Work #4”) and come back for videos from Studio Rainwater tomorrow (11/1)!

Want to join in? Post yourself working on something cool using the hashtags #DesignIsRhodeIsland and #DesignersAtWork on Instagram, or reach out to if you know a Rhode Island designer who should be featured in this series!

Katherine Magee